Saturday, June 27, 2015

Experiment with stamps

Hello all,

Its been raining here today ...and I got some time to sit at my desk and experiment with the
" Inkadino - Down by the seaside'' ( hope d name is correct)stamp set .

As a part of the experiment I first stamped on a plain white paper to try out the outline I had in mind.
Then I stamped on a White cardstock. I actually wanted it to be a black and white card So, I used the black ink pad for the same. The outcome was good but the card got a black spot accidentally and I tried again on its back ..this time with color ...... It was good but the sea part got spoiled ...I mean , I stamped it over the horizon (my bad).

Third trail came out ok and here's the pic of the card I made.
Hope you Enjoy it.
Any suggestions or corrections are I'must a beginner.

Entering it in the