Saturday, June 27, 2015


Hey Guys.......
Well...... Last week we old friends had a sort of get together and it was so refreshing to catch up with the old times and memories ......... and that's what inspired me to do this tag and gift it to my bunch of friends.

Hope You will love it too.......

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Experiment with stamps

Hello all,

Its been raining here today ...and I got some time to sit at my desk and experiment with the
" Inkadino - Down by the seaside'' ( hope d name is correct)stamp set .

As a part of the experiment I first stamped on a plain white paper to try out the outline I had in mind.
Then I stamped on a White cardstock. I actually wanted it to be a black and white card So, I used the black ink pad for the same. The outcome was good but the card got a black spot accidentally and I tried again on its back ..this time with color ...... It was good but the sea part got spoiled ...I mean , I stamped it over the horizon (my bad).

Third trail came out ok and here's the pic of the card I made.
Hope you Enjoy it.
Any suggestions or corrections are I'must a beginner.

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