Monday, May 25, 2015

My very first professional card

All the craft I learnt except jewellery making was from Internet only. So, with no proper guidance and Suggestions as to what to buy and what not to I plunged myself into online shopping.( Trust me on this... I wasted a lot of money in buying all the unnecessary).

Hmmmmm............. after lots of web search for online supply stores in India....... I stumbled across quite a few .
My very first purchase was from Itsy bitsy online store......let me think ..... what did I buy ...................yaaa Quilling materials. Then I googled a lot and found some local stores here in chennai where I got the materials I needed.
Things I made with them are ;
1. Card for my husband
2. Wall hanging for my Sister in Law.
3. Box which I use on my craft table.
4. Cover for the fuse box made from newspaper and quilling.
5. Photo Frames.
6. Jewellery.

Planning to do one more wall hanging ... since a year ...... now now ...don't tell me that I am lazy ....cos I know that I am ....hehee

The next online store that I came across is
I purchased the quilling dies from there. Seriously ...  dies
Only after I got them did I know that I needed a die machine.

Thats when I came across
Got my first SIZZIX big shot teal edition from that store. This got me addicted to dies and I started purchasing them......till date What did I make from them ......?

Well this is my first card using dies and die cutting machine.

My other online sites which I do shop once in a while are